Who is Abroad with a Brain?


Welcome to Abroad with a Brain! We are here to prove that anyone, yes, anyone can see the world! My name is Elana. I am passionate about travel. Travel to me is more than just a destination. It is about seeing the world through a new set of eyes. It is about experiencing the cultures, the sights, the smells, the tastes, and the roads less traveled. It is about friendships you make along the way and losing and finding yourself again and again. The thing is, I have dreamed about seeing the world since I was a very little girl, you know, before I became “a broad.” Luckily, the love of my life, Austin, is also a travel fan. He is actually a professor and, you guessed it, the “brain” behind this operation. You see, we always wanted to see the world, but we never knew how attainable it would actually be to do it.

It started out as an innocent little move from America to France. You know, a very normal life change. I was a middle school teacher and he had just graduated with his PhD. We had discussed the possibility of living abroad and decided that he would apply to some schools overseas. After a few overseas interviews, we decided on Marseille, France. You can call that our first base. Once we were there, we quickly realized that seeing the world was well within the grasp of our aspirations and our wallet. From there, we made a few more moves that included Spain, China, and even Bangladesh. Living abroad let us in on some travel know-how, the kind that saved us a lot of money and afforded us a plethora of amazing memories.

As a typical American couple living in Florida, we often threw pennies in our “overseas” jar. We talked about how “some day” we would take a trip to Europe or Asia. However, years passed and we found ourselves breaking into that jar for other things like tire replacements and medical bills. It’s just too easy to keep putting off the trip, and even excuse how “irresponsible” it is to travel. Then, of course, you have your job and commitments. You may really relate to this part of the introduction and wonder how you will ever get to put a stamp in your crisp passport. Well, the simple answer to “when” is “now.” You just have to do it.

We are going to let you in our inside circle of money and stress saving tips that will allow you to see the world. We have been to over 79 different countries since 2011, and that number is still growing. If you think that is impossible for you to achieve, think again. Just stay tuned with a broad and a brain. We are not afraid to share our secrets. Not only will we save you money, we will let you in on the best things to do and see in destinations all over the world. So, come on! Let’s go!

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