Asia, Europe, Middle East

Welcome to Abroad with a Brain!

Hi Fellow Travel Lover!

A Broad and a Brain hiking the Great Wall of China. Why are no tourists behind us in the most popular attraction in China? Well, we will share that with you right here on!

Welcome to ABroad with a Brain! The name comes from a blonde broad named Elana and her adventures abroad (get it?) with her money-saving and brainy psychologist husband, Austin. Throughout the past few years, they embarked on a quite accidental journey that enabled them to see over 60 different countries from Europe to Asia. It all started when Austin took a job overseas in France. He and Elana quickly discovered that travel was suddenly easy and affordable. (It helps to have the “brain” part, as the “broad” loves to spend money!) Then it hit them, they realized that they could share this with the rest of the world also! Yes, you too can afford to travel, all over the world! How, you may ask? Well, just follow us along as we lead the way to getting more stamps in your passport. If you don’t have a passport yet, get one! Trust us, you will want one once you realize how attainable and easy travel can be. So, come on! Grab your favorite luggage and let’s go!

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