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Top 6 things to do in Dubai


Dropping by Dubai? You wouldn’t be the only traveler to do so (and there’s good reason for that!). The truth is, Dubai is packed with people, activities, and sights. The show Ultimate Airport Dubai did not start because it is a small uncharted destination. So, with all this grandeur going on, it is important to have a plan when going to visit the city of the world record breaking Burj Khalifa. Set your sights on a cool itinerary that will enable you to get the most relaxation out of your trip.


Burj Khalifa Elana Nichols

Burj Khalifa

Guinness recognizes this mastodon as the tallest tower in the world. While the top of your list may include a ride to The Top, did you know that its observation deck is actually not the tallest? For the tallest observation at 488 meters, you will actually have to hop another plane to Guangzhou, China for the Canton Tower. While Burj Khalifa is the tallest, its observation is actually at 452.1 meters. So, save the 30-100 bucks and appreciate her beauty from the outside. The record breaker can be viewed from virtually everywhere in the city and the best up-close viewing is at the Dubai Fountain accessed from Dubai Mall.


Desert Safari/Dune Bashing Elana Nichols

Desert Safari/Dune Bashing

A trip to Dubai is truly not complete until you embark on a Dune Bashing excursion. Imagine climbing steep sand dunes in a SUV and weaving up and down their steep peaks without flipping and there you have it. Drivers let air out of their tires and tear into some major sand. Often referred to as a desert roller coaster, it is fun for the whole family. Just be sure to go with a certified company. Most excursions can also include camel riding, henna tattoos, belly dancing, and dinner as well. Expect to pay around $35 U.S. dollars per person. Try Desert Safari Dubai.


Sunset at Kite Beach Elana Nichols

Sunset at Kite Beach

Skip the pay-in beaches and head to Kite Beach. You can walk for miles without paying a dime and get dazzled by the flips and tricks of the many kite surfers along the beach. The desert wind makes this sport a big hit here and the beach is quite beautiful. Go at sunset when you can actually view all the sights along with the Burj Al Arab as the sun creates a splash of color as it sets in the sky. Expect to see strange shells along your walk as well.


Mall Mania Elana Nichols

Mall Mania

Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates simply must be on the list. These are not your average malls. Mall of the Emirates has an indoor skiing park and Dubai Mall hosts a gaggle of sharks in their large aquarium. Which mall is better? Well, it is really your preference, so try to do both. Both special attractions can be viewed from inside the mall without purchasing tickets. At Dubai mall, you can enjoy a cupcake from Project cupcake while watching giant sharks circle next to you. If sharks are not your thing, you can skate around the ice rink, enjoy the indoor Sega theme park, or watch a movie. The malls are pristine and also boast the biggest collection of ethnic foods from around the world in their food courts. So, in the mood for whatever? You can find the food you are craving at either mall.


Souk Searching Elana Nichols

Souk Searching

A visit to the Dubai Souks is also a must-do. While the gold souk is a bit disappointing as it is essentially a row of jewelry stores, the spice and gift souks are quite the sight. The array of spices is visually pleasing and a wonder to see. You can find fun knick knacks including the UAE flag and even a hat with the president on it. Whatever you decide to buy, remember to bargain with the seller to get the price you want.


Local Cuisine Elana Nichols

Local Cuisine

A quick stop in to get some local fare is a must do. From hummus to falafel, you can find your fancy at any of the many “hole in the wall” restaurants around town. Don’t be surprised when you actually enjoy the aroma from the Shishas being smoked by other patrons. The aroma usually smells like grape or vanilla and is very pleasant in contrast with cigarettes.


Plan your trip! Elana Nichols

Plan your trip!

Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, a trip to Dubai is one that will not be forgotten. After all, this desert oasis boasts some of the most amazing sights in the world.

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