Jacobite Loch Ness Cruises: A Review

Rating: 5/5

Only a few lucky souls get the chance to embark on a journey into mystical and magical legends that surround the Loch Ness near Inverness, Scotland. Only a few get a chance to breathe in the fresh air as it brushes against mountains that are so beautiful they resemble art. Only a few can say they lurked in the Loch where a monster may roam. Only a few.


If you are one of those lucky few, you really should find a reputable company to take you out onto the Loch. Find a company that is personable and kind. One that is veiled and enriched in Scottish history. Embark on a Loch Ness cruise that is as big on safety as they are on history and whimsy. Which one, you ask, would this be? None other than Jacobite Cruises.

The Jacobite company is the poster child for what we wish all companies could be. They put customers first and, beyond that, make each and every customer feel special. From the moment you park in their parking lot (where you can meet ‘Nessie herself) to the moment you exit their boat, you will truly feel cherished and a part of what makes Scotland so friendly. Yes, from the moment you purchase a ticket, you will feel a part of the magic.

Upon purchasing a ticket for the Jacobite Loch Ness Cruise, you will be greeted by a smiling face and feel as though you are part of the Jacobite family. “Doesn’t look anything like it.” the lady joked referring to my signature as I signed my receipt after purchasing my ticket. Stepping onto the vessel it is immediately apparent that the love and care that goes into keeping everything shiny and new is immense. Once inside, you will see a quaint café area with booth seating and comfy benches to sit. Open air can be found at the front of the ship and upstairs, so good pictures will be easy to capture. However, if the weather is too cold or rainy, the windows are clean as a whistle for all the viewing glory one could ever imagine to enjoy.

The cruise on the loch is nothing short of magical. If you like to lend an ear to the rich history of Scotland, you can choose to listen to the pleasant intercom narration as your journey commences. While on the loch, you can check out the Jacobite Sonar to search for the elusive ‘Nessie as you chart your nautical miles.

Everyone will get a magnificent view of Urquhart Castle as well. Jacobite offers a package that includes admission to explore the castle ruins if you so desire. In fact, Jacobite offers something for everyone from the basic 1-hour loch cruise to the 6.5-hour cruise that includes Corrimony Cairns. Jacobite has four magnificent vessels to provide the best in Loch Ness cruising. Whatever your wish may be, Jacobite offers a competitive price that is sure to fit with most any budget. Jacobite has been in operation since 1973 and serves over 100,000 happy customers per year. In fact, they even cater to some special events like weddings. You can book your cruise or package online for the optimal convenience, but tickets are also available onsite. However, in the high season, a reservation is recommended (please note that cruises may be cancelled in the event of bad weather in the interest of safety). For a more intimate cruising experience, try to avoid peak summer months as well as school holidays. Jacobite also stands by its green initiatives to love the environment by cutting energy usage as well, so you can feel good knowing your choice of cruise was green. In fact, the company supports many local causes and charities as well. You can find the Jacobite Cruise near the Clansman hotel and also in Inverness. Choose Jacobite and cherish your memories of the Loch forevermore!

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