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10 things you need in your carry-on

Headed across the pond to Europe or another country? Feelings of excitement and thrill may be hitting you now as your vacation dates rapidly approach. The trip itself may be all planned out to the very last detail, but what about that dreaded overseas flight? Well, the overseas flight does not have to take away your joy. In fact, it can be a very enjoyable part of your trip. From the meal onboard to in-flight entertainment, you may be pleasantly surprised with a trip that could last ten hours or more in the friendly skies. There are some tips you should know to make your flight one that will enable you to arrive relaxed, refreshed, and ready to explore! It all starts with your carry-on bag. Yes, what you bring on board can make your trip in the sky oh so divine. Here are some items you must bring onboard for optimal enjoyment onboard your next flight:

Earplugs and Eye mask

While this may seem like a no-brainer, those little foam inserts and mask can be easy to forget. Be sure to pack two pair, just in case. Why are these so essential to your next flight? Well, they may aide in your slumber aboard, for one thing. Another thing is that it may be unpleasantly loud in your area, whether it be a loud talker or the innocent crying baby. In fact, if you have issues with ear pressure, you can get some fancy pressure-regulation ear plugs as well! Either way, you will be glad you brought them along.

Your comfy headphones

Whether in-ear or over ear, be sure to bring your favorites for listening to music and watching movies. Most overseas flights will distribute these for free, but they are usually a one-size-fits-all cheap, hard plastic, and utterly uncomfortable. With your own pair, you can be sure to avoid ear or headaches. Need ideas for a new pair? Check out this list of the most comfortable headphones.

A pillow

Again, this may seem like a no-brainer, but a pillow may be the difference between napping and red eyes. One clever way to use a neck pillow is to put it under your chin. In this way, you can rest your head in tight quarters. IF you don’t have one, Business Insider found the top pillows on the market.

A change of clothes

This is essential. From spills to, unfortunately, smells, having a fresh pair of clothes is a breath of fresh air. Some choose to bring two pairs of clothes on overseas flights, one loose pair to change into for the night portion and one to change into upon arrival. The choice is yours, but you will feel a lot less gross if you bring some clothes along.


There is nothing worse than dumpster mouth after an overseas flight. Chances are, you are going to eat on the flight, and hours of furry teeth can lead to a desperate search for mouthwash. Bringing a travel toothbrush and toothpaste will be a true comfort saver for your trip. Again, you can arrive feeling more refreshed and less embarrassed to speak to anyone for fear of your green toxic breath causing any fainting. You should also bring along deodorant. Women will want to bring along any travel creams that are usually used at night for ultimate comfort. Wipes are also a must; you can use them on your face and hands to clean off the dirt. You would be surprised the dirt on your face after sitting in the airplane for eight hours. One great place to find travel toiletries is Target.

Something to do

Most overseas flights these days provide in-flight entertainment with movies and the like. However, this is not a guarantee. Bringing along your laptop, tablet, kindle, or even a book can help comfort you and pass the time. Another great idea is to bring a traveler’s journal to write down ideas for your destination or even thoughts about your trip’s beginnings. (Or, maybe a review for the airline!)

Comfort Food

While food is usually provided on overseas flights (and some have food available at all times) it may be wise to bring a favorite snack. In fact, why not treat yourself to some cordial chocolate covered cherries? Whatever tickles your fancy, bring it along. When you get the munchies at 3 a.m. you will be glad you did! If you are into cooking, you can even prepare your own before the trip. Kale chips, anyone?

Something warm

The climate on the aircraft is always changing. Instead of hoping the odds are ever in your favor, bring along a comfortable, soft, hoodie or jacket. It can also pair as a vertical bed if you happen to be lucky enough to have a window seat.

A hat

This one may be a shout out to the ladies, but a hat can tame some unruly locks. That altitude can stress your tresses, so come prepared!

A charged phone and phone charger

Many of the flights have usb charging ports at your seat so that you can charge your phone, which is great. However, it is best to have a full battery on your phone, just in case. You can use your phone to pass the time with games or even take some pretty glorious pictures from the air at your window seat.

Remember, you can use your carry-on as a prop for your feet too, to get a different leg position. The best carry on is a backpack, as it is the most versatile and soft, but roll-ons work as well. Remember, there are things you should not bring as well. Please think of others and leave things like nail polish, tuna sandwiches, and loud actions at home, everyone wants a comfortable flight! With these tips, you could arrive feeling fresher than ever, just like a pro


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