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3 secrets to travel more in the new year

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  1. Think outside of the box: Destination Bingo!

Going to Rome? Did you know flying directly to Rome may not be the cheapest option? In fact, by flying to another city and using Europe’s budget airlines to get to Rome, you could save hundreds! So, for example, it may be cheaper to fly to Berlin first and then Rome. I have flown budget airlines in Europe for as little as $10 USD each way and saved over $500 choosing an indirect route over a direct one. The one thing to keep in mind is luggage, but even if you do have luggage and pay extra for it, it could still be worth it. Better yet, doing it this way allows you to see another city on your trip before you get to your destination. Caveat: this takes a bit more time and effort, but with the money you save you can spend more on experiences, food, and even hotels when you get there! Better even still, you can save some cash!


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      2. Travel Yoga: Travel date flexibility

It’s true, remaining flexible on your travel dates can save you a lot of dough. Imagine this scenario: you want to go to Paris in April, but that very same week you are interested in is a major concert or event. That could cause flight prices and hotels to skyrocket. Staying cool, calm, and flexible affords you more to afford. This one can be a bit tricky depending on your job situation and vacation time but being on the lookout for different dates and sales that may occur can save you a lot. With the money you save, you can afford more trips this year!


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      3. Friend them: Sign up for travel alerts!

So many travel booking sites allow you to sign up for price drop alerts on the trip you want. So, what are you waiting for? Give them your email address! If you are worried about too much spam in your inbox, don’t. You can unsubscribe after you find your killer deal and you are only going to get emails when the trip or trips you are interested drop in price!

Check out the sites I use to save hundreds when I travel:



Google Flights



Which Budget






Sit back and let someone else do the work: Check out the travel deal sites and programs.

There are so many websites who are solely dedicated to find those random low prices and deals, so why not take advantage of them and let them do the monotonous searching? Some of my top suggestions are:


Scotts Cheap Flights


With these three tips, you can save some serious money that can afford you more travel in the new year. A little searching and dedication can go a long way! Better yet, just signing up for travel emails can really help you plan a trip and save money at the same time.


Going somewhere and want advice? Email me @! I have been to over 60 countries and I am not slowing down yet! Be sure to subscribe to keep in the know with my latest itineraries, deals, and ideas!


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