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The truth about traveling abroad in 2021: pandemic style (what to know!)

Traveling in 2021 is complicated, but with the right tools, easy!

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3 secrets to travel more in the new year

  Think outside of the box: Destination Bingo! Going to Rome? Did you know flying directly to Rome may not be the cheapest option? In fact, by flying to another city and using Europe’s budget airlines to get to Rome, you could save hundreds! So, for example, it may be cheaper to fly to Berlin… Continue reading 3 secrets to travel more in the new year

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11 reasons to travel abroad NOW

While a nice visit to a Florida Beach with your inner tube and paddle ball set definitely qualifies as a “vacation,” there is much more of the world to explore beyond our own borders. While some may find a visit out of the U.S. to be “out of their comfort zone” a visit abroad can… Continue reading 11 reasons to travel abroad NOW

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Best of Copenhagen

One step into the streets of Copenhagen, and you feel as if you've entered a magical world of whimsy and wonder. It is not hard to see why the guy who brought us some of our favorite fairy tales like The Little Mermaid and Frozen grew up right in the heart of it all. Yes,… Continue reading Best of Copenhagen