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Anchor at the LogInn Hotel in Stockholm

A view from the balcony of LogInn Hotel by Elana Nichols

You’ll be saying, “Ahoy matey!” staying in the LogInn Hotel gazing out at the beauty of Stockholm out of your porthole. Yes, a stay in LogInn Hotel is a sure recipe for adventure. By adventure, I mean, you must be ready to stay in a very small space with a good attitude. In all seriousness, this boat hotel is a very unique experience, albeit, a small one. Anyone who is planning a trip to Stockholm will see that there are many hotel boats to stay in. With all of its connected waterways, it’s no wonder Stockholm has a plethora of boat hotels to choose from. While not a great choice for everyone, a boat hotel is a real unique experience. However, if you or someone you are traveling with has limited mobility, you may want to skip this type of boarding and head for one of the city’s many traditional hotels. Likewise, if you are up for something different, I do recommend this option.

Gangway! by Elana Nichols

The LogInn Hotel is actually the old MS Kronprinsesse Martha, built in 1929. The coolest part is seeing old photos around the ship’s restaurant and parlor, complete with a model of the ship as well. You can start putting together the mystery of this ship’s past just by taking a moment to browse the many paintings and photos on the walls. Walking along Söder Mälarstrand, you will actually see many boat hotels and restaurants as well. However, the LogInn demands some extra attention from the passerby with her colorful lights outside and bigger hull. The staff is immediately welcoming and run a ‘tight ship’ (pun intended). No need to worry about cleanliness in this hotel. The sheets and towels were all stain-free and smelled clean and fresh. We opted for a twin room with an ensuite bathroom, but they have rooms without bathrooms and rooms with bigger beds as well. If you choose a room without a bathroom, you will have a community bathroom down the hall for your convenience.

Portholes are fun! By Elana Nichols

Be sure to bring some shampoo and conditioner, if that is your thing, as they do use an all-on-one hair and body wash in a dispenser in the shower. The bathroom in the room is extremely small (think cruise bathroom), but it was definitely clean and usable. Be ready to hit your hands and elbows on the wall side and low ceilings. There is not a hairdryer provided in the room, but one may be available upon request (I actually did not ask). The room is quite small, so keep that in mind if you have a lot of luggage. The storage space and, in all honestly, room to open your full-sized luggage is limited. There is no television in the room, but there is wifi. As far as the outside view, you will have a small porthole that will either look to the streetside, or great views of the city across the water. Ours had the street view and was a bit annoying as we could hear people crunching through the gravel as they passed by. The first night, we did not have a neighbor, so it was quite peaceful. However, the second night someone was staying in the room next to us, so we could hear them flush their toilet, talk, and get into their bunk beds. So, do be aware that the walls are quite thin and you will probably be able to hear the person next to you quite well. The details in our room were quite nice. We actually had “Route 66” floors, which was totally random along with a nice nautical-themed shadow box on the wall. There was a small desk and chair in the corner as well. The beds were very small, but comfortable enough. There is also air conditioning in the room as well as heating.

Dining on the LogInn is a beautiful experience. By Elana Nichols

Now, my favorite part of this hotel, besides the staff, was the restaurant upstairs. We were there in the winter, so the outdoor portion was not utilized, but it is very attractive. The restaurant inside is nice with cushy booths and amazing views of the city from the windows. In the morning, a very satisfactory breakfast was served complete with breads, meats, eggs, marmalade, hummus, olives, and more. At night, we stopped in for a beer and they added the nice touch of candles to all of the tables and booths.

We had bunk beds in our room with an ensuite bathroom. By Elana Nichols

Just beside the indoor dining area is a game room/parlor. It is very fancy looking with antique furniture inside and ample places to sit and relax. There are some very interesting old photos that tell the story of the ship on the walls as well. This is a good thing to keep in mind if you do feel claustrophobic in your room, you can always go up to one of the many shared spaces to relax and unwind.

A view of the bathroom. By Elana Nichols

All-in-all I enjoyed this unique experience. I thought that the food I tried was good and the staff was pleasant. I probably would not stay there again, just due to the inconveniences of the uber-small space in the room and bathroom, but I think it is definitely worth consideration and I am glad that I had the experience.

Overall Review:

Price Range-     $

Rating-               *****

Recommend-    Yes

Top Tip-             Ask for a room facing Stockholm


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