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How to satisfy your travel lust from home

Indeed these are strange times in uncharted waters. If you live and breathe travel like I do, this can be quite a difficult time to live in. I was about to embark on my 80th country visit. As I write to you, I was supposed to be flying over the pond on my way over to Eastern Europe. However, this is not the time to lose hope! There will come a time when we can wander the globe again, and that time will be back before we know it, however long this quarantine may last. There will be a time when we can go and experience new cultures, see new things, and smell new smells. There WILL be a time for that. Now is not that time, but we can still satisfy our travel lust in creative ways. The important thing now is to stay safe, stay positive, and fill our minds and hearts with as much joy as we possibly can. So, without further ado, I present to you the ultimate guide for satisfying your longing for travel right from home!

Go there virtually!

Want to go to this very spot in Maui? Go there virtually!

From world icons to museums to hikes to theme parks, you can actually “go there” right from your couch (or even bed!). What better way to dip your toe in than to go there using your laptop or smart TV? The coolest thing about this is the ability to plan an in-person visit for the future if you really love it. Sure, it is hard to argue that this can replace seeing it in person, but with all today’s technology (including some really cool videography) this is the next best thing. My recommendation? Head on over to YouTube and type where you want to go into the search bar. So many people have documented so many places from the point of view of the person experiencing it. You will feel like you are actually there! Some national parks also offer their own virtual tours. Seriously, every week organizations and locations seem to be adding the ability to go there virtually. My advice? Go to Google and type in where you want to go virtually and see the possibilities! Hey, call a friend and tell them to meet you at the Eiffel Tower at 4 p.m.! One of my favorite virtual experiences has been riding Splash Mountain from my living room! Want to see some of the places I have been? Check this out!

Find a new Blog to follow!

Guys, there are so many amazing travel blogs out there. I would be remiss not to mention that there are so many that even I have not experienced. These travel bloggers are passionate about their craft. From sharing cool location secrets to gorgeous photos, they know what you are going through right now, and they’re here for it. First, thanks so much for visiting Abroadwithabrain today. We get so excited and feel so honored to share our creative side with you! Discover something new and spread joy at the same time. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are a few of my favorite travel blogs:

My Life’s A Travel Movie All & Sundry National Geographic

The Blonde Abroad Alex in Wonderland Cata in the World

The Points Guy Wandering Earl Tour De Lust

Nomadic Matt Be my travel muse Krista K Travels

Fjords and Beaches The Poor Traveler Oneika the Traveller

The Lost Bros Fodor’s Conde Nast Traveler

Have a travel blog or one you can recommend? Feel free to leave a comment!

Plan a dream trip! (And maybe book it?)

A beautiful lioness I saw on my trip to Kenya.

This one may surprise you, since we do not yet know when travel will be a thing again. However, why not book something later in the year or even next year? If you are nervous about the possibility of cancelled plans, most travel related companies are offering refunds and/or re-bookings if they are affected by the current pandemic. If you are in a hard financial time, like many, you can still think about and put together a future trip. The trip doesn’t have to be grand, either. Maybe you have always wanted to see Yellow Stone, or Savannah. Whatever trip you have been wanting to go on, putting together a great trip is a great way to plan for a brighter future and have some fun along the way. Also, many great travel deals are springing up daily for travel in the distant future. The great thing about planning travel is that you can be creative and make it fun! Disclaimer: please follow government recommendations when planning future travel.

Work on that scrapbook/travel art you have been putting off

Photo by Tim Mossholder on

I am definitely guilty on this one. Do you have some cool items, pictures, stories, etc. from your travels? Well, what better time than now to transport yourself back to that amazing trip and relive it right from your couch? If you are in to making coffee table books, or creative photo gifts, Shutterfly is an awesome resource for you. You can make all kinds of cool treasures to savor your memories, and they offer unlimited storage! If you have items from your travels, why not choose one item per day and make a journal entry about it. Your mind is powerful and you can use your memory to transport yourself back to that amazing place you loved visiting. Better yet, why not start your own travel blog? Need tips, feel free to reach out!

Become a travel guide for a day of one destination, then present it to friends and family!

Take yourself back to fifth grade and create a fun report on any destination. Want to really go wild? Find a map, close your eyes, and point your finger somewhere! You may get ocean, so you may have to do it again, ha, ha. This is such a fun activity for kids to do as well. If you live alone, you can do this with friends using video chat apps and you can even change your background to that location on Zoom. Get creative and just learn all you can about a certain destination, then plan the dream trip for your friends and/or family and take them! You can also do this with a past trip you have actually been on!

Snack your way abroad

Each night, bring yourself and your household to a different location through food! Do a bit of research, scour recipes from around the world, and pick a destination to “visit” through your cooking! Maybe have a cheese and wine tasting night on your visit to “France.” You can even dress the part, if you so desire! I recently took my taste buds to Morocco with a tasty Morraccan Stew I made right from home! If you want to really go crazy, why not visit three different continents in three different courses in one night?

Find a pen pal from across the miles

This is so old school, but a great idea! Since we cannot meet new people from around the world face to face right now, why not meet someone through writing? You can learn so much about other cultures this way. This article talks about some cool pen pal sites out there.

We will travel again! Love and peace from Abroadwithabrain. ❤

I want to end this article by saying I truly hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe. I hope that you keep your dream of travel alive. Through travel, we have built bridges between cultures and learned so many new and amazing things. We have found new ways to connect and even care for others. I know we will travel again and meet each other with open arms. Together, we can do our part to keep each other safe and well. Until next time, faithful travelers. I wish you all the hope, health, and happiness possible!


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