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The truth about traveling abroad in 2021: pandemic style (what to know!)

Traveling in 2021 is complicated, but with the right tools, easy!

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A quick guide to moving overseas from the US

Have you ever wondered about living overseas? If you are questioning if you should, the answer is yes! Check out this quick guide on how to get started.

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Flying in a pandemic: Delta

My experience flying Delta during the pandemic was interesting.

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The ultimate Covid-19 travel guide: Where can I go?

This is such a confusing time when it comes to travel. Use this easy guide to find up-to-date Covid-19 travel restrictions by state and country.

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Visiting Walt Disney World during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Know before you go

How can you go to Walt Disney World in 2020 during a pandemic? I explain.

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How to satisfy your travel lust from home

Stuck at home does not have to mean giving up our dreams of travel! Here are some quick ideas to satisfy your wander lust from home!